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//’s Alive starring PapTee features ChrisBright and was produced by PapTee (A1-HUB), The beat was made by Mo’ (A1-HUB).

The greatest event that the world has ever experienced is the resurrection of Jesus; it is a power transfer which marks the end of the reign of the devil (Matthew 28:18).

There is no power on earth that can compare to the power of resurrection that’s why medical, technological, scientifically abilities cannot bring dead men to life.

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He is alive! And because He is alive, His power is able to change our position; to bring us out of any physical, social or financial grave.

Resurrection is not an event it is a person – Jesus (John 11:25). If you see it as an event, you will be full of ceremonies without effect or something to show for it.

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I have experienced this power severally in different areas of my life when I’m wiling to embrace it and put it to work. I encourage everyone with this song to give it a try; when we have a personal revelation of his resurrection our life becomes colourful.


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