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4 Reasons the Leagoo Phones Are a Must-Have

Surely you’re wondering, how the Leagoo phone can cost such a meagre sum? But, I will offer you a valuable piece of advice: do not underestimate this beast!

Smartphones are increasingly high-specced, but unfortunately, all those top performing specs come at a price. A high one. If you’re looking for a phone that serves its purposes well for a price that’s tough to beat, it will do you well to tear your eyes away from the usual suspects and check out the Leagoo.

That being said, Jumia Nigeria, your trusted online store will give you 5 reasons why everyone must own a Leagoo phone:

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Affordability: if you have not checked the Leagoo Power phone in your search, you have not been looking in the right places. It spots a 4000mAh, 5 inch display, 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM and goes about his business on the Android. Compare it to other phones with the same specifications and thank me for it.

Design: if all Leagoo phones have a feature in common, it is their aesthetics which accentuate the curve and edges of a work of art carefully combining the ruggedness of a beast in its functionality.

Mighty at multitasking: With the Leagoo S8 3GB RAM and a 64-bit octa-core processor makes it a breeze to multitask on the move. Swiftly hop into your inbox to check your emails, quickly switch to the 13MP camera to catch a candid snap, then return to the game you were playing.

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Fat Screen: Are you comfortable watching videos on your phone? Do you need to squint to read text messages? If you are not sure or stuttering with your response, Jumia will give you a candid advice: upgrade to a Leagoo phone! Their screens are larger than life and range between 5-6 inches which is fantastic for watching your movies and reading your messages.

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